Your commercial property is the lifeblood of your business. It is critical for your business to not only prepare for potential property damage due to natural disasters, but to protect your assets, prevent lost income and encourage business continuity, as well.

When you contact the Kastendike Insurance Group, our commercial insurance professionals will gather information about your business, commercial property, and coverage needs to make the proper policy recommendations.

What Is Commercial Real Estate Insurance?

Sometimes referred to as commercial building, non-residential building, or commercial property insurance, commercial real estate insurance coverages protect business owners from taking on the burden of paying for damages to their workplace. Similar to homeowners insurance, these policies also protect business property like office equipment and furniture. Depending upon a client’s needs, extended coverage for business documents can also be added.

Why Your Business Needs Commercial Property Insurance Coverage

Owning commercial real estate comes with many risks, including damage, theft, employee injury, and other threats that can put your operations in jeopardy. That’s why it’s crucial to have the right level of insurance coverage in place. Commercial property insurance allows you to have peace of mind so that you can focus on your business.

The insurance experts at Kastendike Insurance Group have spent years assessing business owners’ needs. We know about the risks associated with a multitude of industries and use that experience to create customized solutions to limit risk exposure.

Whether you own an apartment complex, retail store, or work from home, our licensed insurance agents in Maryland will be your partner in helping you navigate different commercial property coverage options.

What Does Real Estate Property Insurance Cover?

Our real estate property insurance policies cover a wide range of assets on land, air, and sea, including:

  • Building structure
  • Other structures on the building’s property
  • Product inventory
  • Office furniture and equipment
  • Office improvements
  • Walls and fences
  • Ships and ocean cargo
  • Stock
  • Inland marine cargo

Policies also include protection as a result of:

  • Terrorism
  • Natural catastrophe
  • Equipment breakdown

Experts in Commercial Real Estate Insurance Coverage

Questions about commercial real estate insurance coverage options? The Kastendike Insurance Group is ready to answer them. Get a no-obligation insurance quote today.