The hospitality industry has various exposures to risk including property, your employees, and the unpredictable needs of your guests. Whether you run a hotel, a food and beverage establishment, or a tourism-related business, the insurance professionals at The Kastendike Insurance Group can help you choose the appropriate level of coverage for your business’ needs. After gathering a little information about your business, we can offer tailored guidance on the right insurance coverage for your business to protect against the unexpected.

Why You Need Hospitality Insurance Coverage

The hospitality industry in particular is susceptible to risk. Property gets damaged, assets get stolen, and accidents happen. Kastendike Insurance Group offers various insurance policies to prevent your business from financial loss. Below are some examples of ways hospitality insurance policies can protect your business.

Commercial Property Coverage

Stolen, vandalized, and damaged property present significant potential for financial burden. You’ll also need protection against weather-related incidents, fires and similar issues.

Commercial property coverage protects your property’s structure, equipment, fixtures, and provides loss of income coverage in the event your revenue is impacted as a result of a covered claim. Kastendike Insurance Group helps business owners understand the language and coverage limits behind these types of hospitality insurance policies.

General Liability Coverage

In any service-related business, there’s the potential for guests to have accidents. Some of these guests may try to hold you liable for injuries, which could lead to your business having to pay for medical costs, legal fees, lost wages and even pain and suffering. General liability coverage protects businesses from third-party claims and limits your business’s financial burden.

Liquor Liability Coverage

Hospitality businesses that serve liquor will need liquor liability coverage to safeguard against incidents caused by alcohol consumption. If an intoxicated guest gets into an altercation, causes a car accident, or is diagnosed with alcohol poisoning, the fact that your business served them alcohol puts you at risk for liability. Claims of this nature are typically excluded from General Liability coverage. The insurance agents at Kastendike Insurance Group will help you decide on the appropriate coverage level for your business.

Experts in Hospitality Industry Insurance

As proud partners with Maury, Donnelly & Parr, The Kastendike Insurance Group provides extensive hospitality industry insurance coverages to protect industry professionals from the unexpected. Our knowledgeable agents are ready to guide you toward choosing the right policies for your business. Call us today at 443-501-9388.