There is a wide range of risk involved in aviation regardless of the size of your operation. Covering all of these exposures is critical in mitigating the potential for loss of income as well as protecting your assets in the event of a claim. The Kastendike Insurance Group can help you assess your vulnerabilities to determine the appropriate level of aircraft insurance coverage needed.

What Is Aircraft Insurance?

Like driving a car or operating a boat, owning and flying an airplane comes with certain risks. Just like watercraft insurance coverages protect your boat or vessel, aviation or aircraft insurance coverage offers liability and property coverage for your airplane. In addition to repairs or replacement in the case of damage, aviation insurance policies will also cover liability claims in the event of injury or death.

Common Coverages for Light Aircraft Insurance

In-Flight Insurance Coverage

In-flight insurance coverage offers protection for damage resulting from an in-air accident or other events while the aircraft is in motion.

Public Liability Insurance Coverage

Required by law for aircraft owners, this type of insurance protects policyholders against external property damage and injuries to non-passengers.

Passenger Liability Coverage

This provides coverage for financial damages in the event that any passengers suffer injuries while on-board your aircraft due to an accident or other event.

Aircraft Hull and Liability Insurance Coverages

Whether or not your aircraft is in motion, hull insurance refers to protection while your plane is on the ground. Non-motion protections include damage from vandalism, weather damage, and accidents with uninsured vehicles. In-motion protections include damage occurring during liftoff or landing.

Other Areas of Aircraft Insurance Coverage

In addition to the services listed above, we are also proficient in the following service areas:

  • Agricultural aviation
  • Airport liability
  • Aviation property
  • Aviation general liability
  • Aviation products liability
  • Aviation workers’ compensation
  • Environmental coverage
  • Government and municipal aircraft & airports
  • Non-owned aircraft liability
  • Unmanned aircraft system (UAS)

Ways to Potentially Lower Your Aircraft Insurance Premium

Kastendike Insurance Group  will offer recommendations and take initiative to lower your aircraft insurance premiums. Some examples that may result in discounted rates include:

  • Undergoing pilot proficiency training
  • Obtaining an instrument rating
  • Increasing documented flight hours

Reach Out to Kastendike Insurance Group for Questions About Aircraft Insurance Coverage

Consulting with The Kastendike Insurance Group takes the stress out of the aircraft insurance purchasing process. Our dedicated aviation insurance specialists will assess your needs and guide you to the right coverage for your needs. Call us today at 443-501-9388.