Business owners require basic commercial insurance coverages to protect their assets from the unforeseen. However, many owners fail to realize how much coverage they need until they face a large lawsuit that threatens them with bankruptcy.

To avoid seeing this happen to your business, our professional insurance agents will likely recommend adding a commercial umbrella policy that exceeds general liability coverage and protects policyholders by providing additional funding in the event of a lawsuit.

Why Should Your Business Consider a Commercial Umbrella Policy?

Just like a personal umbrella policy, a commercial umbrella policy is not a standalone insurance coverage option. Its goal is to supplement insurance coverages such as:

  • General liability
  • Professional liability
  • Commercial auto insurance

Essentially, commercial umbrella insurance coverage is a safety net for your business. If you need protection against a claim that goes above and beyond your primary policies, a commercial umbrella policy can help significantly.

Kastendike Insurance Group will discuss your business needs individually to determine if a commercial umbrella policy is a good fit. However, businesses should consider adding an umbrella policy if they:

  • Have existing insurance but need additional coverage over $2 million
  • Carry higher liability risks (such as higher foot traffic or a dangerous area)
  • Need higher  liability protection across multiple policies

What Does a Commercial Umbrella Policy Cover?

A commercial umbrella policy protects against these common threats to your business:

  • At-fault car accidents in a commercial vehicle
  • Employee or customer injury lawsuits
  • Lawsuits stemming from property damage

Remember: an umbrella policy won’t cover personal damage or injury.

What Factors Determine Umbrella Policy Costs?

Various factors can impact the price of commercial umbrella insurance, including:

  • Risk associated within industry niche
  • Existing coverage limits
  • Where your business is located
  • How many employees your company has
  • How many commercial vehicles your company operates

Talk to Kastendike Insurance Group About Adding Commercial Umbrella Coverage

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