Traditionally, non-profit organizations lack the budgets of for-profit companies. Without certain protections in place, these businesses face risk exposure that can jeopardize their entire operation. For this reason, The Kastendike Insurance Group provides custom-tailored insurance coverage for non-profit organizations to help them mitigate risk against the unknown.

Types of Insurance Coverage for Non-Profit Organizations

Non-profit organizations have much of the same access to commercial business insurance coverages as for-profit businesses. The insurance agents at Kastendike Insurance Group listen to the needs of non-profit business owners and make recommendations based on their organization’s needs.

Here are some examples of non-profit organization insurance options.

General Liability Coverage

General liability coverage ensures that your non-profit organization is protected against injuries that occur on your company’s property. If a customer, visitor, supplier, or any other non-employed individual gets hurt, you won’t have to pay for damages out of pocket.

Commercial Property Coverage

Also known as real estate insurance, commercial property insurance coverage protects your company’s physical business location against weather-related damages, vandalism, and theft. Along with the actual property, commercial property insurance also covers damages to:

  • Product inventory
  • Furniture
  • Office equipment
  • Machinery
  • Fixtures

Directors and Officers Insurance

Directors and officers insurance (D&O) covers legal fees, settlement costs, and financial losses in the event of a lawsuit against a non-profit organization. This is perhaps one of the most important types of insurance coverage for non-profit organizations because it protects the company’s solvency. Without this safeguard in place, a single lawsuit could lead to a business’s financial ruin.

Professional Liability Coverage

Professional liability coverage protects your business from honest mistakes, mismanagement, and malpractice. In some cases, it could also cover workplace claims like sexual harassment or discrimination.

Workers’ Compensation Policy

Just like any other business, it’s for non-profit organizations to protect themselves if an employee gets injured on the job. Having a workers’ compensation policy in place allows employees to receive payments and medical benefits while they recover from their injuries, regardless of who was at fault. In most cases, it also allows your non-profit organization to remain compliant with state laws.

Get Insurance Coverage for Your Non-Profit

The Kastendike Insurance Group has helped numerous non-profit organizations choose the right insurance policies for their company. To discuss insurance coverage options for your business, call 443-501-9388.