When you own a condo, you’ll need specialized personal insurance coverage to limit the financial burden related to repairs as well as damaged or stolen property. The experienced team at The Kastendike Insurance Group knows the ins and outs of condo insurance coverage options. Our insurance agents will sit down with condo owners to discuss the appropriate level of coverage based on their needs.

What Does Condo Insurance Coverage Include?

Similar to homeowners insurance, Kastendike Insurance Group can provide you with condo insurance to help protect your property investment and personal items within your home. Take a look at our standard insurance coverage options:

Building Property Protection

Accidents happen, and when it comes to building damage, those accidents can become costly. With building property protection in place, you can rest assured that repairs to damage resulting from covered incidents will minimize out-of-pocket costs.

Personal Liability Coverage

If someone gets injured while visiting your condo or renting it out, you could face large legal expenses and medical costs. Having personal liability coverage can drastically reduce—or even eliminate—costs associated with guest injuries. A personal umbrella policy can provide extended protection for incidents where the financial costs go above and beyond standard condo insurance coverage.

Personal Property Coverage

Personal property coverage protects furniture, electronics, appliances, and even clothing. Whether condo owners need actual cash or replacement cost coverage, Kastendike Insurance Group professionals draw upon their years of experience to help condo owners determine the appropriate coverage.

Understand Condo Association Coverage

Your condo association’s policy may help provide coverage for areas such as the roof, boiler room, hallways, and other common spaces. In fact, certain policies even cover your condo unit’s structure, including walls, ceilings, and floors. Kastendike Insurance Group will work with condo owners to determine

Additional Flood Damage Coverage

While flood damage is not covered under a standard condo insurance policy, it may be an option for condo owners to consider. Kastendike Insurance Group will help determine if a flood damage policy is right for your needs.

We’ll Help You Understand Insurance Coverage for Your Condo Unit

If you need insurance for your condo unit, The Kastendike Insurance Group is ready to talk to you about your coverage needs. Reach out to us today at 443-501-9388 for a no-obligation insurance quote.